Disclaimers and Assumptions

A few good things to know when using our site

This site provides information to students to compare and estimate their future income and potential student loans. CollegeForecaster.com does not guarentee that you will receive the job you have selected, the starting income, admission to selected college, gift aid, nor the ability to qualify for loans.  The student loan payment is estimated within a given range, however, your student loan payment could be higher for a number of reasons, including: a higher interest rate, a higher loan amount, or a differnt repayment term. The student loan payment estimate is not offer for a loan.

We always recommend to speak with the college financial aid officer for additional questions about tuition, loans, or financial aid.

Here are a few assumptions our site uses:

  • Attending a college in the United States
  • Enrolled full-time
  • Does not consider if there are existing loans and if maximum amount will be exceeded