It's time to zoom out.

All online, we are the one-stop-shop for college hopefuls to forecast their ability to finance their loan payments.

Who We Are.

It all started with a dream, two ambitious women, and lots of student debt.

Brittany Kenison and Sam West met while working in the executive office of then-Oregon Secretary of State (now Governor) Kate Brown, and became fast friends. Brittany had a background as a mortgage officer, a degree in Business/Systems Analysis, and a brilliant idea for a website that could accomplish what most people struggle with: bridging their career aspirations and their current financial situation. Sam had the verbal panache to help her pull it off.

College Forecaster is a registered benefit company, which means our first priority is to ensure we have a positive impact on society and provide a public benefit. To that end, we proudly operate as a bootstrapped company. Our focus is to provide a great service, not to impress investors.

Our mission is twofold: to provide colleges with a one-stop-shop to meet the requirements of state law, and in that service, strive to clarify the mire of financing a college education for all interested in attending. CF facilitates the connection between institutions and their students, starting a much-needed conversation about college investment.

What We Do.

College Forecaster has aggregated data to build an interactive online tool for college hopefuls to forecast their expenses. With our help, your students will be able to put their future into perspective with the ability of their first post-grad job to finance their loan payments.

College Forecaster:

  • Creates a private, personalized, interactive award letter dashboard for each student
  • Details personalized aid, loan, and living expense information that is configurable to shift as your student's lives shift
  • Compares monthly loan payments to projected salary to ensure college investment comprehension

College Forecaster puts your students in the driver's seat of their education by preparing them to invest in their future!

Meet our founders

Brittany Kenison

Creator in Chief

College Forecaster was Brittany's brainchild, and thus it is only fitting that she is the Creator in Chief. Architect of the dashboard, Brittany manages institutional relationships, as well as CF engineering logistics. In the past, she served as a Board Member for the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, the governing board for the Oregon University System (OUS). You can often find Brittany on one of the beautiful Pacific Northwest trails with her son and partner.

Sam West

Chief Vizualizer

As CF's Visualizer in Chief, Sam supervises with all things image-related to ensure that all CF tools are both accessible and beautiful. Sam has cut her teeth doing communications for a variety of organizations including an education reform nonprofit, a healthcare marketing firm, a statewide elected official, and a small liberal arts college. In her spare time, she enjoys the Netflix category "Shows with a Strong Female Lead," baking pumpkin-flavored foods, and playing her ukulele.