Award Letter + Big Picture =

College Award Offer Evaluation Tool

How it works

Easy set up

This cloud product requires no downloading of software or waiting for a sales person to call you. The Admin Panel allows for customization, user management, and reporting.

Email personalized URL for each student

In two clicks, create and email a URL for each student. Don't worry, the data you upload won't contain identifiable student information.

Award Offer Evaluation

When accessing the tool with their unique URL, students will be able to view their award offer and forecasted information. Using the interactive component, they can confidently make financial related decisions.

Real-Time Reporting

Dashbord provides real-time reporting of who has access the tool. Colleges can use this information to tailor their recruitment efforts.

How it helps Colleges and Universities

Data Safety

To protect students, the data you upload will not contain identifiable information. This means you can feel safe that your students and their FERPA protected information stays in your system.


This interactive tool will have the look and feel of your school. Through the Admin Panel, you can easily upload your logo, add multiple campuses, and customize the email message.

Check the box

College Forecaster helps states meet their student loan disclosure requirements by presenting all required information that provides the big picture -- all in plain English.

How it helps students


A unique URL is generated for each student to see their personalized financial aid award package. With clear information, each student can make a well-informed financial decision.

User Friendly

Static letters are the past. College Forecaster dynamically embodies learning tactics to put the student in the driver's seat of their own college investment.

Make Connections

This interactive tool connects their present and future by connecting future career salary to their projected monthly loan payment.


Students underestimate their current debt. By a lot.

A 2014 Brookings Institution report found about half of all first-year students in the U.S. ‚Äúseriously underestimate‚ÄĚ how much debt they have, and more than one-quarter of students with federal loans reported having no federal debt.

Students (and parents) want an interactive tool.

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators commissioned a study to determine the best award letter format for providing comprehensive information. The results were clear: no winner could be selected from the three static letters. Among the recommendations from the focus groups of parents and students was to provide an "Online interactive tool to calculate your own loans, repayment rate, indirective costs, etc".