Data Sources & Notes

All data used is public and available to download. While we attempt to use the most recent data available, this is not always the case so assumptions have been made. The table below provides information for either the source of the data or explains how an assumption was made. If you have questions, please let us know.

Content Source
Job Selection Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2014
Cost of Attendance Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS): Institutional Characteristics 2015-2016 (provisional data)
Annual projected tuition increase 5% based on average tuition increased from 2000 - 2015
Federal Pell/Scholarship Awarded Averages National Center for Education Statistics, 2013-2014
Federal Pell projected annual increase 1.8%, based on average increase from 2005-2015
Federal Unsubsidized Loan interest rate and term 3.79% interest rate is the current rate. Assumes this rate does not change for future loans.
Current term is 10 years.
Private loan interest rate and term Low range interest rate: 4%
High range interest rate: 8%

Interest rates can fall outside of this range. 
Term is set at 10 years.